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雨燕直播app下载污The oldest association of its kind, the Harvard Law School Association (HLSA) has been a Harvard Law School tradition since its founding in 1886. Led by HLSA President Dan Eaton ’89, the HLSA unites more than 40,000 HLS students and alumni by supporting and sponsoring programming and events in many locations across the globe.

These HLSA events and programs bring the HLS community together for networking, discussions on trending topics, thought leadership, and socializing, providing a vital link between Harvard Law School and its alumni.

If you’re not yet a member of the Harvard Law School Association, search for your local club or a shared interest group below. We’d love to see you at an event near you!




Local Clubs临沂和正兴服务有限公司

The oldest association of its kind, the Harvard Law School Association now serves some 40,000 members worldwide by supporting and sponsoring programming and events and providing a vital link between Harvard Law School and its increasingly diverse alumni body.

Find a Club

Shared Interest Groups奎屯盈元佳贸易有限公司

The Harvard Law School Association Shared Interest Groups or SIGs, reflect the interests and makeup of Harvard Law School’s diverse alumni volunteers. The growing community of HLSA Shared Interest Groups also provide the impetus for various initiatives, activities, and events.

See all SIGs
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